Who are we?

About CPE Construction

Being based in regional Victoria means we have sensible overheads. We quote competitively on fabricating and erecting structural steel for large buildings and infrastructure projects in Melbourne and regional areas.

ISO certification

ISO 45001: 2018

OH&S Management Systems

ISO 9001: 2015

Quality Management Systems

ISO 14001: 2015

Environmental Management Systems

A different kind of building firm

CPE Construction is far from just another construction / engineering firm.

In the early 2000’s, concerned by what we felt was an industry wide shift towards price driven self interest, cost cutting at the expense of quality, blame shifting, and a general lack of accountability, we made a very conscious decision to move against the current… to go our own way.

We knew there had to be a better way of doing things, a more sustainable way. So we sat down and asked ourselves some hard questions. What were we really about, what motivated us? When push came to shove, were we only about the dollar, or did we care about other things? Not surprisingly, we discovered money wasn’t the only thing that mattered, and that what we were chasing wasn’t all that complicated.

Experienced and reliable

Multinational commercial builders rely on us to produce flawless, precision-fitted steel, on time. They also use our roof plumbing team to streamline construction, save time and guarantee accountability.

Our Cobram workshop excels in technically difficult steel fabrication for architect-designed commercial work. We can:

  • supply structural steel for large scale infrastructure and commercial projects
  • erect and complete construction on-site
  • do structural welding and weld-testing
  • meet construction programs on challenging projects
  • co-ordinate challenging jobs
  • meet abrasive blasting and painting specifications
  • convert architectural and structural drawings into 3D models and shop drawings
  • Work with clients and designers to provide solutions throughout project lifecycle

We want to do great work, on great projects, with and for great people. Pretty simple really.

What Drives Us


Central to the way CPE does business, is the value we place on our industry relationships, both on the client side and the supply side. We surround ourselves with like minded, quality driven, committed companies, that are striving for the same quality outcomes.

We invest time and energy building healthy, sustainable partnerships that strengthen our offering, extend our knowledge base, and generally make us better.

All this means that when the pressure comes on a project (and it usually does) we’re all on the same team, moving in the same direction, chasing the same level of excellence. There’s no throwing suppliers under the bus, no blame shifting… just accountability where it’s needed, and everyone working together to get the job done.


Sounds like an oxymoron right? Well no, we actually mean it.

We’re big enough to handle even the biggest jobs, and a quick look at our project library will demonstrate our experience and capability in this large scale arena.

But we’re also small enough to stay efficient, cost competitive, flexible and responsive – responsive to the market, as well as our clients. Being smaller than some of our competitors actually enables us to give our partners and clients more attention, better communication, and ultimately better service.


We love to be challenged. We’re hungry, we want to be pushed, and we want to learn. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning! We’re constantly looking for new ways, better ways of doing things – new efficiencies, and new approaches.

We respond to projects that demand our best, and value the collaboration that’s required to make challenging projects happen.

In short - complicated, exciting projects, that require intelligent solutions and meticulous planning? That’s where we live and breathe!

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If you have a question about an upcoming project or would just like to have a chat please get in touch with us.

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